CLASS  OF  1965

It has been said that we all have a “songbook”–songs that have special meaning to us, that remind us of events that shaped our lives. We became more focused on music when we reached adolescence, the age that young girls went from “Bobby Sox to Stockings” (Frankie Avalon, ’59). It was a time when teenage boys would tell a girl that “I Only Have Eyes for You” (The Flamingos,’59) as they would ask her to “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” (Paul Anka,’59).

They would tell each other that they would “See You in September” (The Tempos ’59) and would get “Misty” (Johnny Mathis, ’59) when that summer romance would invariably end. Our parents saw our romances as “Puppy Love” (Paul Anka,’60), and could give us “Sixteen Reasons” (Connie Stevens ’60) not to worry.

It was a time of adolescent insecurity, when a boy would feel like “Mr. Lucky” (Henry Mancini, ’60) if a girl would go out on a date. If things got serious–which meant something different in the early sixties–we would wonder “Would You Love Me Tomorrow?” (The Shirelles, ’60).

We were lucky to have grown up during the birth of Rock and Roll, when songs were about fun, romance, and optimism. The melodies were often simple, but we could at least decipher the lyrics.

We recall the dance fads, “The Twist” (Chubby Checker ’61), “Mashed Potato Time” (Dee Dee Sharp’63), “Limbo Rock” (The Champs ’62). Who could forget “Monster Mash” (Bobby Boris Pickett and the Crypt Kickers, ’62), or our own Trashmen hit, “Surfin Bird”(’63).

Sports were important to our school years, so we remembered to “Be True to Your School” (Beach Boys,’63) as we shouted, “Let’s Go” (The Routers, ’62).

We had some memorable TV and movie theme songs, such as “Peter Gun” (’59), “Mr. Lucky” (’60), “Exodus” (Ferrante & Teicher,’60) and “Goldfinger” (Shirly Bassey,’65).

Several different sounds were born during our high school years. “Motown” had such hits as, “Da Doo Ron Ron”, (The Crystals, ’63), “Be My Baby” (The Ronettes,’63), and “Baby Love” (Supremes,’64). The surf and car songs of the Beach Boys and others, such as “Surfin U.S.A.” (Beach Boys,’63), “Surf City” (Jan and Dean,’63), “Wipe Out” (The Surfaris,’63), and “Shut Down” (Beach Boys,’63), resulted in a lot of burnt rubber in daddy’s car. Folk singers sang “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” (Kingston Trio,’62), “Puff the Magic Dragon” (Peter Paul and Mary,’63) and “Blowing in the Wind” (Peter Paul and Mary,’63).

Then came the British invasion. The Beatles came out with, “I want to Hold Your Hand” (’64) and “Love Me Do” (’64). Other bands followed with “Do You Love Me” (Dave Clark Five,’64) and “It’s All Over Now” (The Rolling Stones,’64).

As these songs and many others provide a background for our 50th reunion, I hope they will bring back memories and put a smile on your face.


Rick Campion